I offer you a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental space to explore new ways of having a fuller enjoyment of life.

My name is Gabriela, but most people call me Gaby.

I see emotional challenges as comprehensible responses to difficult life events. So, experiences like burnout, panic attacks, relationship difficulties, self-sabotage, creative blocks, and depression become understandable when considered within the broader context of a person's life.

I will attend caringly and respectfully, both to the words you say and to your non-verbal communication, such as your tone of voice, your breathing patterns, tensions, sleep disturbances, and more.

gabriela garcía

Body Psychotherapy, also known as Somatic Psychotherapy, sees body and mind as one. This unity carries the story of our life and possesses natural systems for healing and self-protection. Somatic psychotherapy works by paying attention to the relationships between mind, emotions, and body, within the safety of a confidential, therapeutic relationship.

By integrating past painful experiences and aligning the emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual aspects of yourself, it is possible to shift what blocks feelings of joy, wholeness, equilibrium, and belonging in your life.

My practice is dedicated to supporting people in reconnecting with and igniting the innate healing mechanisms of their mind, heart, and soul.


I am a culturally sensitive and affirming body psychotherapist, working with neurotypical and neurodivergent people with diverse life circumstances. As such, I develop a tailored therapeutic process for each and every client.

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